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Home staging is preparing your home for sale, with a special emphasis on presentation and apprearance in a way that appeals to the largest possible audience of buyers, in order to ensure a quick sale for the best possible price.  FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT!

Staged homes sell 2 to 2.5 times faster than non-staged homes!

Benefits of Home Staging
  • Positive First Impression from buyers
  • Better price achieved in a shorter amount of time
  • Appeals to more buyers, creating more inspections
  • Impression that the home is well maintained & cared for
  • Updated look
  • Homes feel larger with less clutter
  • Highlights special features of your home
  • Quality images & photography
  • Positioning small living areas as prime living space
  • Staged homes evoke emotions

More Reasons to Home Stage...
The purpose to home staging is to improve the overall style and aesthetics of a property and its appeal to prospective purchasers through the use of furniture, art, cosmetic measures and scene setting.  Whilst these aspects emphasise the improvement of a property, they also reduce the flaws of a property through depersonalising or "decluttering" of living spaces.

A balance must be struck between aesthetically pleasant and the garnishly overdone.  We are not creating a showroom, but rather a delightfully balanced and homely appearance - perfect for your property's intended market.
Some simple tips to get you started, prior to staging your home.  See as follows;
  • Have you cleaned and tidied the house?  Simple but very effective!
  • Is the garden tidy?  Ensure lawns are mowed and leaves picked up.
  • Have fittings, door knobs, porches scrubbed clean?  Most purchasers will relate to these items even if their own homes are not currently in perfect condition.
  • Ensure all surfaces in your home are clean - walls, skirtings, windows, glass etc.
  • No obvious damage - think of minor repairs equating to diminishment in the value of your property - far in excess of what the actual repair would cost.  Believe me; buyers will look for any faults to reduce the price of a property - no matter how insignificant it may be.
 What is Home Staging?