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TIP - clean until everything sparkles, including the windows!
When the time comes to preparing your home for sale, you want a professional who really knows how to look after your best interests.

Kylie has a background in Interior Design & Decorating & has successfully completed her own renovations from cosmetic to structural; and also works as a fully licensed Real Estate Agent. Therefore, Kylie only knows too well, how buyers will haggle you for every last dollar that they can get from you.  The aim here is to give the buyer no reason or very little reason to negotiate with you!  In my experience as a sales agent, I know too many sellers have left valuable dollars sitting on the table for buyers.

The consultation is designed to review your home from a buyer's perspective.  From that consultation, we can provide solutions to suit your budget.  Those solutions could be as simple as packing away some clutter, furniture placement to light renovations.  If you are feeling confident after the consulation, you can carry out the work yourself or we can get the job done for you.

Staging your home is not the same as interior design.  Interior design is for those who currently live in the home decorated to their taste and staging is targeted towards to buyers who will be living in the home.  Therefore, we must target to the largest audience of buyers possible.  Staging your home gives you the edge over all other houses on the market.

Don't under estimate a property or think it's not worth obtaining valuable advice; no matter what size the property may be.  Kylie can improve any size property.  Whether, a quicker sale time is required for you; and/or increasing your sale price anywhere from 3% to 10%.
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